"One Resource Company" LLC supplies raw materials for industrial plants in Russia, manufacturing process equipment and technology that contribute to your Company's growth. Our unrivaled global market knowledge, extensive experience and extensive network of relationships help our customers drive growth in the fastest growing economic times. We operate in the metals, minerals, industrial minerals and base metals, technology, oil and gas, fertilizer and recycling, finance and logistics sectors worldwide. In addition, we provide supply chain management and risk mitigation services to our clients.
One Resource Company specializes in:
  • stainless and special steel’s raw materials such as Ni, Sn, FeNi, Noble Ferroalloys, Mn
  • metals and alloys for superalloys / aerospace applications: Co, Cr, Mo, W, Re, NbNi, VAl
  • metals and master alloys for aluminium alloys production (Mg, Mn, alloying tablets, AlBe, etc)
  • rhenium primary and secondary products (Re metal, APR, Re containing residues and scraps, Re master alloys)
  • Rare Earth metals and alloys.
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